Become a smart city
for those with disabilities!

Accessible Roads enables live navigation on accessible streets and roadways
for people with disabilities.

What’s in the app and on the site?

We know how to provide the solution for accessible navigation - so that the vast amount of work you have invested in infrastructure for the disabled public will achieve its full potential to benefit them!

An interactive map of the accessible roads in the city

The map appears upon opening the application and serves as a very simple and friendly interface. On the map, one sees his or her own location and all of the accessible streets and accessible nearby passages.

Information about accessible sites

The app allows for selection of categories, and information is provided for each category. For example, by selecting a category of tourist sites, the map will show the locations of tourist attractions, a brief explanation of each attraction, and how to navigate there.

Navigating to a specific site

The user can requesting navigation via the shortest accessible route to any site on the map.

Navigating to multiple sites

The app allows for creation of the shortest accessible route to multiple attractions.


The app serves local residents and tourists and is offered in multiple languages.

Have you made information on accessible streets and roadways available for the handicapped public?

Even though we are aware of the needs of disabled people and invest in large and expensive projects to make roads accessible for them, there is still no real solution for a person with disabilities, when they want to get around. If the user is not familiar with the entire map of the city and do not know exactly which streets are accessible and which are not, he or she will waste precious energy going back and forth to reach the destination.

Why is investing in infrastructure not enough?

Investment in infrastructure for people with disabilities is very important, but it might go to waste if the disabled public does not know how to use it. Today, the disabled population has no possibility of planning a route on accessible roads. The existing solutions for the general public are not suitable for disabled people because many roads are full of obstacles and barriers such as steep stairs and bumps. A more serious problem occurs when planning a trip in a city that includes a number of attractions. It is almost impossible to plan ahead since a disabled person cannot find out if there is an accessible route leading from one attraction to another. If there is such a route, they cannot locate it.

Why can’t people with disabilities use existing solutions?

Even if the municipality has a GIS map and there is a layer of accessible streets (most cities do not have that yet), there is still no simple and convenient solution for immediate use in the form of live navigation. Using GIS maps requires early user planning, the user needs to understand how to work with GIS maps, and there are many difficulties regarding its use.

What do we offer?

We offer each city an application and a designated site, or an add-on to an existing application and add-on to an existing site, that will provide a complete solution to the problem of immediate and available navigation to residents and tourists of the city, including disabled, elderly and even young families with baby strollers. The application shows the road map in tourist areas, a list of tourist attractions, and the route to a specific attraction. It also provides the option to plan a trip between several tourist attractions and creates an optimized accessible route between the different points.

Some Cool Stuff

In what is the unique technological solution of the app?

Since the map providers (like GOOGLE) do not allow live navigation in selective ways, we had to create a unique GIS server for the system. The map is interactive and connected to GPS data on mobile devices.

Are we a sole provider of the solution?

Our up to date research has yielded no results of other tools or apps that provide a similar solution.

Some Cool Stuff

Why is this the simplest solution for the user?

In the app, everything appears in a click. In the background you'll find the map of the tourist areas and the list of tourist sites. You will be able to find a route to a specific site or plan a trip to a number of tourist sites and find the shortest accessible route between the points.

Contact us today!

We suggest launching your app within 30 days. When purchasing a license, you will receive everything needed to operate the application, including a custom designed GIS map of accessible roads, ongoing updates of the map, and the costs of all necessary servers to operate the application are included.